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Keeping the cellar dry and safe during storms could be challenging in Chicago. It’s essential for every house and building to have a sump pump. Commonly there is always one designed into the plumbing system. However, the sump pump can sometimes not protect the basement from flooding. In the Northshore, Northwest Suburbs, II  backup sump pump cost is not that scary. The key is finding the best option for the specific house.

During the year, there are many situations when the power would go down, and just like that, there is no guarantee of the original sump pump preventing the catastrophe in the basement. Thankfully there are solutions with battery, gas, and water-driven engines to protect homeowners from floods. 

Things to take into consideration:

  • The probability of the basement getting flooded. A backup sump pump is the best solution for those who live in an area where power shuts down constantly. If the climate has terrible conditions that cause interaction of power - an alternative engine on the backup sump pump could be a lifesaver. 

  • Different kinds of backup pumps. The type of engine would definitely affect the cost of installation. Make sure to do the research and consult the local plumber for a professional opinion.  

What options are there on the market?

The backup sump pump has different types of engines, no matter the brand. Some of the options are more affordable when some options don’t work for every house. 

  • Gasoline-powered options come in a reasonable price range, making those pumps more affordable on the market. The main issue is relying on the constant gas supply. In some cases, the gas supply could be cut off due to emergencies. In that case, the backup sump pump would not do its purpose for much longer. The same problem is with natural gas and diesel-powered engines. The hard truth is that it’s not reliable anymore and not the most sustainable option. 

  • The battery engine has the advantage of being able to work without being connected to power, gas, or any other energy source, which makes it a good option for any unpredictable situations when the primary sump pump stops working. Being connected directly on top of the main sump pump, the installation of such a backup option would be pretty easy as could be done by any handyman. Depending on the battery type and brand, the lifespan varies from 3 to 5 years. So it would need some maintenance service to make sure there are no issues with it. The pump itself could last up to 10 years based on how frequently it’s used and the model. However, in that case, pump replacement is not a complicated process. 

  • The water-powered system is usually plumbed into the municipal water line and has separate drains. For that backup pump system hiring a professional plumber is a necessity. It’s an excellent option for those who live in close proximity to the external common water supply source. Generally, this system is not that expensive but has the potential for unlimited service time. It gets its power from the main water supply, water, from a constant flow. The water-powered pump won’t be affected by natural disasters or emergencies and is a great option for backing up the main sump pump. Another advantage of the water-powered option is a maintenance-free experience. There is no need for frequent inspections or replacement services. 

Advantages of investing in the backup sump pump 

 No matter what is the final choice, the battery generator or water-powered backup options, the investment is with its money. Each solution has a list of advantages, but the main benefit a homeowner can gain is safety. No stress about will the estate survive the storms or would be flooded and cause more and more destruction. Understandable, both generator and water-powered options seem like extra not needed expenses. On the contrary, the cost of house damage that could be done by a flood is far more pricey. 

In addition, investing in a good generator will not only protect you from the flood but ensure a nonstop work of power in your house. Connecting a lighting system and HVAC system to your backups generator will keep your whole household protected from any emergencies. 

Installation process

Once the research is done, and the choice is made towards one or another backup pump, another question that pops up is installation. The truth is with the correct instruction, a handyperson can do all the fitting and connecting by himself. But that is something which is not recommended. It's always a better choice to trust a professional team when it comes to the plumbing system, main water lines, and plumbing appliances. The plumbing system is essential and can cause anyone lots of headaches and house destruction. 

The one small mistake in installation instruction can cost too much. While experienced plumber has skills for making sure everything is connected correctly and would work when the power goes off. 

Wrapping it up, installing any type of backup sump pump is a huge benefit, and it’s worth investing in a better option. Consultation with a good plumber company would help make the right decision. Taking into account the budget, your needs, and the current state of the plumbing system, there always would be a good-fitted solution. Getting in touch with the local Chicago company would help the homeowners to go through the list of all advantages and disadvantages, as those specialists know all specific details on the weather conditions and the state of the municipal plumbinsystem.

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